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Disc Couplings

Multi-disc couplings GL series

MAINA produces standard series disc couplings (GL type), resistant to wear and not requiring lubrication and maintenance.

Special manufacturing solutions can be proposed, like with spacers in fiberglass, electrically insulated and made of composite material, for extended spans.

MAINA disc couplings meet API 610 standards, and API 671 and ATEX standards when requested.

Disc couplings for wind turbines

MAINA produces disc couplings for wind turbines (WGL type), offering high capacity of overload, excellent torsional stiffness and long life with no need of maintenance.

These disc couplings are equipped with brake disc in alloy steel and with spacers in fiberglass, electrically insulated.

They are always dynamically balanced, and their installation and removal do not require moving the machines.