Gear Reducers and Gearmotors

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Worm gear reducers and gearmotors


  • Universal mounting
  • Forced ventilation for an easy thermal power dissipation
  • Wide range of accessories and non-standard designs
  • Worm wheels of A gear reducers and gearmotors made of nickel bronze with controlled phosphor content, in order to achieve improved performance, a higher load capacity, greater reliability and more wear resistance
  • Higher worm efficiency


  • Easy and functional shaft mounting
  • High performance and reliability
  • Long life
  • Noiselessness, constant performance, also for the heaviest applications
  • Lower power consumption

Special Features

Size 14 sizes (32 … 250)
Power P1 0.09 … 55 kW
Nominal torque TN2 ≤ 19000 N m
Transmission ratio iN 7 … 16,000